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Molift Air Tilt

Molift Air Tilt

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With electrically tiltable sling bar that reduces the load on the caregiver. Molift Air Tilt provides a better working environment for carers thanks to the electrically tilting sling bar. It reduces the burden on the carer and provides increased comfort for the user, as no physical effort is required and manual handling is minimised. Repositioning without physical effort Molift Air Tilt allows single carers to handle demanding everyday transfers and repositioning of users safely and comfortably. Without any strain, the carer can adjust the user’s height and position, simultaneously and with precision. This allows the user to easily be placed in an optimal sitting position, for example in a wheelchair. Thanks to the open design, both users and carers are given a comfortable experience. The patient gets a feeling of openness from the wide field of view, while the carer has more opportunity for eye-contact. A flexible and complete solution Molift Air 350 is a well-established ceiling hoist in the Molift family, also available in a modified version with a tilt function. The tilt function is operated with the hand control, which makes the Molift Air Tilt very intuitive and user-friendly to use. Molift Air Tilt and Molift Rail System are suitable in most care facilities, such as hospitals, nursing homes and home environments. The solution ensures that each step contributes to maximum function and a comfortable and ergonomic lifting situation for carers and users. Molift Air Tilt offers a flexible and cost-effective investment for the healthcare sector.

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