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Faster wound healing by conforming to any wound shape and by debridement of slough 

SeaSorb Soft Dressing is a highly absorbent alginate dressing for moderately to heavily exuding wounds of any size and shape. 

SeaSorb Soft Filler is a flexible, highly absorbent alginate rope for heavily exuding deep cavity wounds. 

SeaSorb Soft Dressing and Filler are very comfortable and soft with excellent gelling properties, conforming to any wound size and shape and supporting wound healing capabilities by providing a Moist Wound Healing environment. They have superior vertical absorption to reduce maceration and forms a cohesive soft gel ensuring easy, pain-free one-piece removal. 

When SeaSorb Soft Dressing and Filler come into contact with wound exudate the calcium ions from the dressing are replaced by sodium ions present in the exudate. This ion exchange causes SeaSorb Soft Dressing and Filler to form a soft, cohesive gel which locks the exudate inside ensuring less risk of leakage or damage to the periulcer skin.

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