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Coussin Varilite ProForm NX

Varilite ProForm NX Wheelchair Cushion

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Get that slicing dicing custom fitting feel with the Varilite Pro-Form Wheelchair Cushion. The Varilite ProForm NX Cushion is an extra contoured, modular system, and you love the way if fits. The ischial pan is deep, the laterals are high, and the Varilite ProForm NX Cushion offers the option of single and dual with flexible hinges. The option are unlimited with the Varilite ProForm NX Cushion.


  • Common alterations to base include cutting down for windswept deformity, leg length discrepancy, split seats, and cut outs for “hot spots.”
  • Closed-cell foam base won’t absorb liquid or bacteria, even after being cut
  • Dual cushion option is ideal for the treatment of pelvic obliquities
  • Built in living hinge and wedge combination is effective in changing loading pattern from buttocks to back of thighs
  • Consider using Cheat Sheets on the closed-cell foam base to build up or smooth modifications
  • Includes a foam wedge to reduce seat-to-back angle, which increases the weight bearing load on the back of the thighs and decreases the load on the buttocks.

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