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Fauteuil roulant ELEVATION

ELEVATION Wheelchair

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Elevation™ provides all the benefits afforded by rigid ultra-light wheelchairs. elevation™ also provides many additional benefits through the ability to adjust seat height and recline in real-time.
Some additional benefits may be the following:
  • Changing your seat and back position throughout the day could
  • Reduce Ischial pressure for the prevention of pressure sores 

Each degree of recline reduces ischial pressure by 1% 5" seat drop increases ischial pressure by 10 - 20% so use dump when wheeling, and flatten out when just sitting 

  • Prevent overuse injuries
  • Wrist, elbow, and shoulder kinematics are improved in an optimal seating position 
  • Enable increased independence
  • Wheel more efficiently 
  • Reach shelves previously inaccessible
  • Sit at counter tops and bars
  • Transfer easier 
  • Interact with people at a more level playing field 
  • Improve comfort and stability 
  • Adjust your position whenever you feel like it! 
  • Recline your backrest to relax 
  • Straighten up for more wheeling power 
  • Lower your seat for stability and power Rise for proper seating alignment and posture 
  • Allow for adjustments with other seating constraints 
  • Adding an orthopedic cushion adds significant height to a chair - so just lower your seat height when needed to compensate 
  • Firm rear suspension will:
  • Smooth rough terrain 
  • Reduce the jarring effects of curb-hopping elevation™ may also provide some of the benefits of standing wheelchairs by improving: Lung capacity and expiratory flow
  • Spasticity and flexibility and contractures 
  • Circulation
  • Digestion and bowel regularity
  • Bladder function
  •  Bone density

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