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Fauteuil Crossfire T7A

Wheelchair Crossfire T7A

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There is no better deployment of material technology, engineering ingenuity and performance-minded design in today’s market that the new Invacare® Top End® Crossfire™ T7A wheelchair. Why? Four words. Super Light. Super Strong. We have meticulously designed over 20 components on this chair to be optimized for both strength and weight. 

You combine the best of both worlds with the Crossfire T7A: a rigid frame for performance and a modular frame for ease of adjustability. The seat frame over performance frame design allows the Crossfire T7A to harmonizes two conflicting forces. The first, moderately complex seating which promotes effortless pushing and shoulder, elbow and wrist health. And the second, the performance minded consumer who expects unsurpassed performance everyday. Because of the seat-over-performance frame design, clinicians, technicians, and users NEVER need to square the front casters nor adjust for toeing errors on the rear wheels.

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