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R82 High-low:xo Frame

R82 High-low:xo Frame

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The High-low:xo is an indoor or outdoor frame for a seating system with user friendly height adjustment from floor to table height.

The High-low:xo frame is configured to match the needs of the user and caregivers. Deciding between the various functions and accessories makes it possible to reach the best solution. A solution that can compensate for the limitations in body function (and structure), enable activity and participation, while also taking the environment, where the frame is used, into account. Furthermore it helps optimize the work conditions for the caregiver.

The High-low:xo has been designed to match the needs of our R82 x:panda, R82 Panda Futura, R82 Panda Futura 5, R82 Stingray and the Convaid Trekker users.

All models of the High-low:xo complies with EN-12182:2012. Furthermore, the High-low:xo outdoor complies with EN 12183:2014 and ISO 7176-19 to ensure safe transportation of users in motor vehicles.

The High-low:xo is available in two models; indoor and outdoor. The indoor frame is available in three sizes and the outdoor frame in two sizes. The max load depends on the model, size and use of the frame.

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