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Escalateur VISTA 613 Atlas

Residential vertical wheelchair platform lift Vista 613 Atlas

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The vertical lifting platform VISTA-613 is the ultimate model in the autonomy of wheelchairs and passengers. Intended for indoor or outdoor residential use, The wheelchair lift offers smooth vertical traveling for a maximum of one floor.

The vertical wheelchair platform lift is possible to have 1000 LB Capacity

Applicable code


Device category

Wheelchair lift #Vista-613, outdoor use.Vertical lift, open shaft.Residentiel Vertical wheelchair platform lift

Device category 

Elevator platform for one person in a wheelchairFloor dimensions : 860mm x 1370mm (34 in x 54 in)Elevator platform for one person in a wheelchair and one helperFloor dimensions : 860mm x 1520mm (34 in x 60 in) Includes an extra gate assembly on the platform.Maximum floor dimensions : 1018mm x 1679mm (40 in x 66 in)New, it is now mandatory to add a gate to platforms that are 1520 mm or 60 in deepResidential Vertical wheelchair platform lift

Technical specifications

Maximum capacity : one person in a wheelchair and one helperMaximum load : 340 kg (750 lbs) possible 1000 LBDrive type : Acme screw and nutMotor : DC, 24 voltsNominal speed : 0,05 m/s (9 fpm)Optional maximum speed : 0,07 m/sec (14 fpm)Maximum travel distance : 2500mm (98 in)

Technical specifications

CSA Certification LR45147

Technical specifications

Fast travel timeController and panel : industrial grade components from TélémécaniqueWeatherproof control buttonsFlexible paint finish resists shocksAnti-skid floor surfaceSHORT DELIVERY TIMEFAST INSTALLATION

Atlas wheelchair lift interior from Les Escalateurs Atlas on Vimeo.

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