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R82 Panda Futura 5

R82 Panda Futura 5

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The Panda Futura size 5 is a comfortable supportive seat for larger children and teenagers.

The seat is available in two versions; Standard and Active which provide the required comfort, support and freedom of movement. The back of the seat unit can be adjusted independently of the seat. The pivotal point of recline is anatomically correct, being in line with the hip joint. The back angles from -5° to 30°.

The Panda Futura size 5 can be mounted on the Combi Frame:x, Multi Frame:x, Strong Base, High-low:x indoor and outdoor frames depending on the use of the seat. The seat is supplemented with and prepared for many optional accessories to fulfill the needs of the individual user.

The Panda Futura seat complies with ISO 16840-4.

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