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Evolution Arm Trough System

Evolution Arm Trough System

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The Arm Trough System has been designed for the person that cannot use a traditional walker handle. It provides a more stable platform, allowing users to remain upright.

Evolution’s innovative Arm Trough System is available only for Evolution’s four Evo Models.


 - A more stable platform, allowing users to remain upright
 - 5 Points of adjustability for custom fitting
 - No extra tools required-fully adjustable using built-in tools
 - Can be used as a pair of single side with a regular handle
 - Can be adjusted to fir hemiplegics
 - Otto Bock arm pads can be interchanged or combined
 - Can be used with a slow-down brake assembly and mono-brake
 - Removable 7” midsection for extra low seating
 - Maximum total weight capacity with two Arm Troughs: 400lbs
 - Arm Trough System available only for EVO models
 - Available Flexible Back Strap

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