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Quadriporteur Pegasus (Nouveau!)

Mobility scooter Pegasus

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Stronger, Smarter, Safer. Invacare Canada proudly introduces the innovative, European-designed Pegasus 3 and 4 wheel scooters to North America. With a focus on safety, reliability and an energetic character, the Invacare Pegasus is fully equipped to ensure a safe, stylish and comfortable ride. Whether you enjoy a daily trip to the mall or travelling further afield, the Invacare Pegasus provides the performance, freedom and independence you deserve. 

# Dual rear adjustable suspension and dual front spring suspension
# Speed Reduction Technology automatically reduces travel speed while cornering
# Fully programmable electronics for speed, acceleration, braking and reverse pot
# Adjustability - optimal driving position can be obtained by adjusting seat height, position and the width, height and angle of the armrests
# 4-Pole, 250 Watt motor delivers travel speeds up to 12km/h

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