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Celebrity DX sport

Celebrity DX sport Scooter

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The Celebrity DX Sport delivers easy operation, high performance, and sleek style. Loaded with standard features like an increased top speed, larger rear wheels and upgraded electronics, the Celebrity DX Sport is equipped to excite.

Celebrity DX Sport Features

* State-of-the-art rear suspension
* Larger rear wheels
* Top speed of 9.5 mph
* Maximum weght capacity of 350 lbs.
* Ultra-simple, auto-latching lockup for quick disassembly/reassembly
* Easily accessible tie down points (for transport of unoccupied scooter)
* Tight turning radius of 59.75"
* Front basket and rearview mirror standard
* Includes standard angle-adjustable dual bulb curb light
* Front frame-mounted seat post for optimal stability
* High visibility reflectors
* Microprocessor-based controller
* Tiller rotation lock permits tiller to be used as a handle during transport

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