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4-wheel mobility scooter Brio

4-wheel mobility scooter Brio

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The Brio power scooter is strong and compact, and is able to travel at maximum speed 6kph(3.8mph). The compact designe make it ideal for using indoors, such as in shopping malls, as well as outdoors.

The unique scooter that can be fold in one step only and use the top of the edge batteries technology : Lithium batteries. The lithium batteries take off 15 pounds of the scooter total wight and can be carry in almost all public transportation such as airplane, public buses and subway those batterie offer a life cycle 2 to 3 times longer than acid or gel batteries.

The total weight of Brio is approximately 24kg (53lbs). The Brio is equipped with 8¨drive wheels and 7¨ front casters. It has a maximum user weight of 115kg(250lbs) and a maximum battery range of 20km.

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Weight 60 lbs
Driving Range 20 km
Max. Capacity 115 kgs (250 lbs)
Seat Width 16"
Seat Height 13"
Seat Depth 13"
Max. Speed 6 km/h

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