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Quadriporteur Fortress Winner

Mobility scooter Fortress Winner

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With its enhanced new features, the Fortress Winner continues to set the standard for performance, comfort and style. 
High Performance Maximum Luxury & Comfort Industry-leading warranty.

Key Features: 
• High Performance 
• Top speed 15 km/h 
• 4-pole motor drive system provides power and torque 
• Largest battery compartment in its class! Fits up to Gp 27 batteries Maximum Luxury and Comfort 
• Enhanced front & rear suspension 
• New Delta style handlebars for comfort & easy steering 
• Infinite tilt steering 
• New sliding seat feature 
• Extra large front basket Deluxe Light Package 
• New automatic brake light 
• Front and rear lights 
• Turn indicators as well as safety flashers 
• Left/right turn indicators

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Height 55"
Width 26,5"
Driving Range 30 miles
Max. Capacity 350 lbs
Max. Speed 9 mph (15 km/h)

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