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Fauteuil pliant en aluminium

Aluminum folding wheelchair

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Center of Gravity adjustment is important for optimizing wheelchair performance. 

Unfortunately, reimbursement coverage can be difficult at times. 

With the new Catalyst 5Vx, Ki Mobility proves you can have CG adjustability and affordability in an extremely light, portable and high performance wheelchair. 

The Catalyst 5Vx has: A full 1-1/2" CG range. 

Easy to adjust with three 1/2" increments. Five distinct seat height positions adjustable in 1" increments. 

Like the Catalyst 5, the 5Vx axle sleeve adjusts with a single wrench. 

A channel in the plate holds the nut on the inside of the frame. And the Catalyst 5Vx has the features that you value on the Catalyst 5, such as: Innovative Swing Away Footrests that can swing-in or swing-out. 

They lift off and clip on easily. 

It’s the easiest swing away mechanism you’ll find.

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