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Fauteuil Ultra-Léger Tsunami TI

Ultra-Light Wheelchair Tsunami TI

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The incredibly lightweight, rigid high performance manual wheelchair is now available in titanium! The Tsunami Ti is made from the alloy Ti3AL/2.5V and is 15% stiffer than the competition for better handling and a more responsive ride. 

Achieve the best fit
Tsunami’s design allows you to easily change your seat depth for a better fit, for growth, or to accommodate a solid back.Seat adjustment is easy Tsunami’s optional Mx Towers allow you to achieve a very low rear seat height with a larger range of adjustment. Enjoy a secure a ride 
Tsunami’s fold-down back locks upright to give you security when riding; it also locks down for easy transport. The locking fold-down back is angle adjustable in 3° increments for your comfort. Crescent CG Mounts to the inside of the frame. This eliminates interference between the camber mount and the back plate. You can achieve whatever center of gravity you want.Tubular Component System (TCS) 
Achieve your desired seat height and room to adjust. No extra metal to add weight

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