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Panthera new
Fauteuil Panthera S2 Swing

Panthera S2 Swing wheelchair

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Panthera S2 Swing is intended for those who need an easy to drive wheelchair with good seating, driving and lifting properties combined with movable leg supports. This wheelchair has all the positive properties of an active wheelchair with a stable construction in lightweight class, along with discreetly and compactly designed movable leg supports. 

This wheelchair has movable leg supports and foldable footrests in the standard design. The locking mechanism for the leg supports is discreet and practically integrated with an easy to handle construction in the tubing of the leg support. With an easy hand movement you can swing aside or remove one or both of the leg supports to allow you to kick yourself forward and to enable easy transfers. 

Panthera S2 Swing has a seat angle of 4 degrees which allows new options for finding a good seating position also for those who kick drive or need a flatter sitting position for other reasons. 

The new high brake is discreetly positioned along the frame tubing and does not get in the way when you transfer. The brakes can be finely adjusted without using tools. 

S2 Swing is designed to be light for lifting in and out of your car. Small outer dimensions make the chassis the lightest model with movable leg supports on the market. The rear axle tie rod is designed to give you a sound and balanced grip when lifting the chair into your car.

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