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Panthera Micro wheelchair

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David, 18 months, have a muscle disease which means that he is very weak. He is so weak that he is unable to drive any of the wheelchairs currently available. To be able to move about on his own is essential as we all know. Not least for a child. David's mum contacts us at Panthera and asks if we could help David. 

Our designer decides to let this design go to the extreme and uses only the absolute best available with today's technology. Chrome molybdenum and titanium form the frame, castor wheels from marathon racing chairs become rear wheels. Just as on tennis chairs, there is a single castor wheel for easier rotation. After a couple of months the first example of the Panthera Micro was born. A wheelchair with the sole task of giving David the chance to be able to move where he wants.. After a few months we and many who know David learn that the chair works beyond our expectations. 

Since then we have discovered that there are lots more children with the same needs as David. That's why we produce Panthera Micro.

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