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Panthera new
Fauteuil Panthera U2

Panthera U2 wheelchair

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Panthera U2 is a modern active chair. The slim line front and ergonomic design makes it wonderfully smooth to drive and many people discover a better sitting position. 

This is the most easy wheelchair to manoeuvre on the market. To drive: With a chassis of chrome molybdenum and a footrest and pushrims of titanium the chair is naturally very light and extremely easy to handle. 

The seat: An ungraded adjustable back angle, wonderfully soft back upholstery with a padded, adjustable upper edge and a Velcro band the whole way across to allow you to shape the back upholstery for the exact support required. A 7 degree sitting angle and a seat depth of 35-46 cm. 

Lifting: Low weight, low chassis along with a natural and balanced grip means that it's a piece of cake to lift this chair in and out of your car.

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