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Panthera new
Fauteuil Ultra-Léger Panthera U2

Panthera U2 light wheelchair

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The U2 light is a wheelchair designed for the experienced active-user who can handle a "tippy" wheelchair without anti-tips. (Anti-tips are not an option) After long-terme sitting in a wheelchair many people develop problems with neck and shoulder pain. To help them reduce and/or prevent further problems we have designed the U2 light to make lifting and driving the chair as easy as it can possibly be without, of course, reducing the ergonomic features from the U2. 

The constructing is optimized for easy handling in and out of cars and extremely good driving characteristics. The very clean and minimalistic construction gives the experienced active-user a big opportunity for improvements in his or her daily life. In its standard configuration, the U2 light has a carbon fibre rear axle, Spinergy rear wheels, and a seat bag with integrated magnet. The U2 light exists in two different set-ups. U2 light with normal balance, and U2 light with amore "tippy" balance. It's possible to adjust the position of the backrest by +/- 10mm, forward or backward, to calibrate the balance.

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