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Pro Pool-XR Lift

Pro Pool-XR Lift

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The Pro Pool™-XR is based off of the trusted, sleek design of Aqua Creek’s Original Pro Pool Lift and is also verified by an independent third part to be ADA compliant.

The Pro Pool™-XR boasts an additional 10 inches of reach to clear wide gutters and spa benches. This extended reach can also clear an 8 inch high by 8 inch deep curb or pool wall. This makes it ideal for raised perimeter pools and spas.


Features Include:

 - 350 lbs (158.5 kg) lifting capacity
 - Specially designed extended reach
 - Pull-out leg rest comes standard
 - Dual flip-up armrests
 - Water resistant push-button remote control
 - Rechargeable battery with wall mount charger
 - Five year pro-rated electronics warranty
 - Limited lifetime structural warranty

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