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R82 Multi Frame:x

R82 Multi Frame:x

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The Multi Frame:x is a strong, stable and highly manoeuvrable wheelchair base. A sturdy construction and a simple design makes it a delight to the eye.

Designed to provide extraordinary stability and safety, the Multi Frame:x is the perfect choice of wheelchair base for large seat units like the Panda Futura 5 and x:panda 4 from R82. Mount a seat unit from R82 or another manufacturer and it is easy to obtain optimum driveability. Different settings for the height and rear wheels ensure proper positioning and center of gravity. The angle adjustable push handle and the easily accessible handles for recline and tilt-in-space ensure ergonomically correct working conditions for carers.The Multi Frame:x is suitable for users needing an individual seating system and base, e.g. children with CP, GMFCS level 3-5. The Multi Frame:x comes in one size and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

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