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Bandage de maintien du coude Epi Sensa 50A7

Epi Sensa 50A7

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At a Glance:
The three-dimensional, flat-knitted fabric with its open mesh structure provides comfortable compression, an anatomically correct shape and a fit without creases. Compression-reduced rims ensure optimal comfort – with any movement. 

- Provides targeted compression of the elbow region for the resorption
- of edemas, hematomas and effusions
- Integrated pads enhance the micro massage effect on the soft tissue
- around the joint
- Relieves pain and improves muscular stabilization

- The open mesh section at the hollow of the elbow reduces the formation of wrinkles and ensures a high level of wearer comfort
- Integrated, anatomically shaped pads in the medial and lateral areas
- Ring-shaped recesses in the pads serve to relieve the pressure on the epicondyles and contribute to the anatomically correct positioning of the support
- The support can be worn either on the left or on the right elbow 

- Lateral/medial epicondylitis (tennis elbow/golfer's elbow)
- Irritations (post-operative, post-traumatic or chronic)
- Joint effusions and swellings (e. g. in case of osteoarthritis or arthritis)
- Tendomyopathies and other soft tissue diseases (e. g. chronic bursitis) and injuries

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