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Orthèse souple pour poignet Manu Sensa 50P13

Manu Sensa 50P13

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At a glance:
- Supports sensorimotor functions and promotes muscular stability of the wrist
- Custom hand positioning and wrist movement limitation in the palmar direction
- Optimum compression thanks to anatomically adapted compression zones
- Breathable, skin-friendly flat-knitted fabric
- Washable

The Manu Sensa active support is recommended in case of irritations such as tendovaginitis, tendomyopathy, minor joint effusion, and arthralgia as well as wrist distortion and rheumatoid arthritis. Additional indications include carpal tunnel syndrome, arthrosis, and feelings of instability (e. g. loose ulna). Through compression and a massaging effect, Manu Sensa activates muscular stability of the wrist and supports patient sensorimotor functions. 

- Acute and chronic irritation (e. g. tendovaginitis, tendomyopathy, minor joint effusion, and arthralgia.
- Post-operative and post-traumatic irritation
- Wrist distortion
- Rheumatoid arthritis
- Carpal tunnel syndrome
- Degenerative wrist disorders (e. g. arthrosis)
- Feelings of instability (e. g. loose ulna)

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