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Assura® - système une pièce

Assura® - 1 piece

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Assura/Alterna 1-piece offers a spiral-structure adhesive providing optimal adhesion and superior skin protection. The soft front makes the pouch even more discreet.Efficient filter prevents odour.
Assura/Alterna adhesive
Two different adhesives layered and rolled into a spiral structure combine skin-friendliness and security. As one-piece closed pouches are changed frequently, it is important to avoid irritating and stripping of the skin when removing the pouch.
Efficient filter
On closed pouches there is a filter integrated into the pouch, which allows air to escape, minimizing ballooning of the pouch. The filter is covered by a semi-permeable membrane, which allows air to pass, but not moisture. The membrane itself is covered by a net that allows air and moisture to pass, but not faeces. These two barriers around the active filter component provide double protection.
Soft, comfortable and discreet
The Assura/Alterna pouches are made of a noise reducing and odour proof film. The back of the pouch, resting against the skin, features a lining made of extra soft material for comfort and added protection against skin irritation.

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