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R82 Quokka

R82 Quokka

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The Quokka is a highly functional convertible (rear and forward-facing) child restraint system. The Quokka is a car seat that offers patients both comfort and maximum safety. It meets a range of postural requirements with an ergonomic design to accommodate a child that weighs from 2.3 kg. The Quokka can be used in rear facing for a child that weighs from 2,3 kg and in the forward facing orientation for a child that weighs from 10 kg. The Quokka’s exceptional Spica positioning wedge ensures a casted user is fully supported during transit, kept both upright and stable. The sides of the seat are specially formed to fit legs that are casted or in a brace, while the head and neck are held both secure and comfortable with the adjustable plush head support and multi positional padded 5-point safety harness. The LATCH System comes standard with each Quokka making each car ride a safe fun adventure for the entire family. R82 Quokka is currently out of stock. Media support will remain available. The maximum weight of a child including the weight of the cast or brace is 18 kg. This product is only available in certain markets. Please contact your local R82 contact person or distributor for more information.

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