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NuDrive Air new
Nudrive Air Wheelchair Propulsion Lever System

NuDrive Air Wheelchair Propulsion Lever System

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NuDrive Air Wheelchair Propulsion Lever System is an incredible aid for you! Remain active in your wheelchair by overcoming the inclines in your surroundings.

NuDrive Air enables easier forwards and backwards propulsion, manouvering, and braking and features an inclusive control system that requires no hand or finger dexterity - all control is achieved thorough simple arm and shoulder movements.

One pair for each wheel
NuDrive consists of two Drive Units and two Wheel Adaptors

Its ‘Snap-Lock’ technology allows the Wheel Adaptor to be fitted in seconds, without altering any of the wheel configurations. Once in place, the lightweight design adds no width and can be left unobtrusively positioned on the wheel also allowing unhindered removal of the wheels for transport. When you want to utilize NuDrive, the Drive Units can simply be clicked into place and then removed when you are finished.

To propel the chair
Put NuDrive Air into ‘drive mode’

To propel the chair, you need to first put NuDrive into ‘drive mode’ with an effortless outward flick of the levers. Once you are in ‘drive mode’ you can propel yourself forwards simply by pushing the levers. To brake and steer, pull the levers inward, towards the body. NuDrive’s intuitive braking system also makes reversing easy: first return to ‘neutral mode’ with another outward flick of the levers, and then using the product brakes, grip and move the wheels in the desired direction.

NuDrive Air Wheelchair Propulsion Lever System Benefits

- Reduces the force needed to self-propel by up to 40%
- Protects hands and wrists, and improves hygiene
- Reduces the risk of shoulder degradation and injury by shifting shoulder loading
- Easily attaches to almost any manual wheelchair with 22, 24 and 25 inch spoked wheels
- Great for indoors and outdoors, on normal or difficult terrain
- Affordable, ask your local dealer for details.

If you have any questions about our NuDrive Air Wheelchair Propulsion Lever System, please contact La Maison André Viger in Montreal, Montreal's South Shore, and Quebec City.

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