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Cerceaux Ergonomiques NATURAL FIT

Ergonomics Handrims NATURAL FIT

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The Natural-Fit is a uniquely designed wheelchair handrim that maximizes the fit between the user’s hand and the rim. The Natural-Fit comes in two pieces: The contoured thumb area and the oval component. It is the combination of these two components that gives the Natural-Fit its unique ability to provide a superior gripping surface, a place to rest your thumb, and dual surfaces for propulsion and braking. 

• Provides ergonomic surfaces for the thumb and for the palm of the hand. 
• Creates a vastly improved contact area for gripping the handrim. 
• Offers specially coated high and low friction surfaces for propulsion and braking. 
• Maximizes the efficiency of propulsion and braking. 
• Prevents fingers and thumb from getting caught between the rim and wheel. 
• Reduces the likelihood of experiencing pain and injury as a result of daily propulsion. 
• Lightweight durable aluminum , which adds little additional weight or width relative to standard handrims. 
• Attaches to the wheel of a variety of wheelchairs and is easy to install. 
• The Natural-Fit is currently available for 24", 25", and 26" spoke wheels (including Spinergy Wheels) with either a 6-position rivet nut mount (e.g., Quickie mount) or a 6-position tab mount (e.g., flat tabs project from the handrim). 
• If you have a rivet-nut mount, the Natural-Fit will add just 1/8 of an inch to the width of each wheel. 
If you have a tab mount and the tab is set in the wide position (this means that the screw connecting the handrim to the wheel goes through the hole at the end of the tab), then the Natural Fit will not add ANY width to your chair. 
However, if your tab is set in the narrow position (the screw goes through the inside hole), then you will have to move it to the wide position in order to install the Natural-Fit. 
This will add 3/8 of an inch to the width of each wheel. 
• Each handrim weighs only 1.5 lbs. Key Specs Weighs 1.5 lbs.

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