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Elevating UPLIFT Cushion

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Uplift Seat Assist is a self-powered, lifting cushion that helps users gently seat and raise themselves from a chair or stable seating surface. 
It provides safe, controlled support and lifts up to 80% of a user's body weight. Lightweight and portable, Uplift Seat Assist can be used in any room of the house, but is especially helpful in the kitchen, dining and living rooms. This lifting cushion uses hydraulic force; no batteries or electricity required. There are no button or levers required. 

Simply begin to raise yourself up as you normally would, and the UPEASY lifting cushion kicks in and helps you get to your feet!

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Weight 12 lbs
Max. Capacity 300 lbs
Seat Width 19"
Seat Height 10"
Seat Depth 16"
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