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Molift UnoSling HighBack

Molift UnoSling HighBack

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Suitable for most users in the most common hoisting situations Non-washable and for single patient use. Suits a variety of users and lifting situations Disposed when soiled or when the user no longer needs it High requirements for infection control The Molift UnoSling HighBack is a personal disposable product, designed to meet the demands and challenges of today’s hospital environment. Slings for short-term use are specific to a single user and an effective solution for preventing the transmission of infection. The UnoSling HighBack is suitable for most users in the most common hoisting situations, such as between bed and wheelchair or to the toilet. The sling remains with the user during the entire length of their stay in hospital. Sling for short-term use The UnoSling is manufactured in a strong non-woven material which is not washable. The sling is discarded if it becomes dirty or damaged, or if the user no longer needs it.

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