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Molift RgoSling StandUp Padded

Molift RgoSling StandUp Padded

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The ideal sling solution for active transfers with Molift Quick Raiser Comfortable padded sit to stand support Ideal for toileting situations For a 2-point sling bar Active hoisting Molift RgoSling StandUp is a padded sling developed for active hoisting together with Molift Quick Raiser. The sling provides perfect lumbar support and is the ideal sling solution for hoisting and moving between different sitting positions. The RgoSling StandUp is quickly and easily placed around the user. By virtue of the design, it is ideal for use in toilet situations. The RgoSling StandUp has an efficient anti-slip lining to prevent the sling from sliding up. The wide back support distributes weight and pressure evenly over a large surface which makes it more comfortable for the user. The waist belt provides additional support and stability. Additional support When additional pelvic support is needed, the variant Molift RgoSling StandUp padded with support is an alternative.

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