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Fauteuil tout-terrain Hippocampe

Hippocampe all terrain wheelchair

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The Hippocampe is a new type of outdoor all terrain/beach chair on wheels It provides access to the Beach/Water sports and other outdoor arenas including winter activities. A push bar kit allows assistance when required. The perfect partner for family and friends to enjoy the outdors. Its new look and eye-catching silhouette make it the ideal accessory for the more restfully inclined to enjoy an outdoor life whilst the more energetic can enjoy the thrills of water sports. 

At only 12 Kg (26 lbs), it is light and floats in the water (as will each of its component parts). 
All its parts are sand and water resistant and its aluminium tubes are sleeved to stop them getting hot in the sun. 
A major innovation is the double width wheels designed to make movement on sand easier. 
There's no longer any need for massive arm muscles to move round the beach in complete freedom!

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