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Ascenseur de sol humain - Services d'urgence

Human Floor Lift – Emergency Services

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Introducing the new, smaller, lighter weight HFL for emergency medical services, the HFL-500-E! All the proven features of its big brother the HFL-550-E in a smaller and lighter weight version specifically designed for ambulances and smaller apparatus. This purpose-built tool was designed in partnership with emergency services personnel for emergency services personnel, to address the growing problem of staff injuries related to lifting people from the floor and/or transporting patients when needed.

HFL-500-E has been designed to meet the rigorous requirements of public emergency services agencies. Weighing in at only 50 lbs.,this lift is designed be deployed on ambulances and other EMS vehicles to allow the safe lifting and transport of patients weighing up to 500 lbs. from the ground or floor without causing injury to either emergency services personnel or the fallen person. Mobile or immobile persons can be lifted from the ground or floor to stand a walk away or be transferred directly to a wheelchair or gurney.

The HFL-500-E virtually eliminates floor-lift-related injuries to our public-agency-first responders!

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