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Fauteuil gériatrique Lumex Petite Preferred Care

Lumex Petite Preferred Care Recliner

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All of the features and benefits of the Lumex Preferred Care Recliner in a petite size. The Lumex Petite Preferred Care Recliner is ideal for residents 5' 4" and under. This size recliner can also be used for pediatric patients. Standard Features ? Infinite recliner back patented mechanism provides infinite positioning of the back, ranging from 95 degrees to 145 degrees for increased resident comfort and pressure relief. The reclining back can be locked in any position by the caregiver. ?
A unique suspension system self-adjusts to each person, cradling the resident from head to heel and virtually eliminating the risk of "bottoming out". ? Extra-wide padded armrests and side panels maximize comfort. ? Durable epoxy coated welded steel frame is easy to clean and maintain. ? Quick-release upholstery allows for easy cleaning, removal and replacements. Vinyl upholstered back is sulfide stain, mildew and oil resistant. ? A variety of accessories are available to customize the chair for specific individual needs.

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