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Siège adapté ``Carrot``

Special Needs Car Seat ``Carrot``

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Seat Width: 11.5"
Seat Depth Adjustment: 9.8-11.3"
Backrest Height Adjustment: 11.8-12.8"
Head Support Height: 8.5"
Recline Adjustment: 90-180°
Weight: 19.1 lbs.
Seat Depth Adjustment w/ Extensions: 9.8-22.3"
Backrest Height Adjustment w/ Extensions: 11.8-22.8"
Shoulder Wing Height w/ Extensions: 6"
Shoulder Wing Width Adjustment: 15.25-19.25"
Lateral Supports Width Adjustment: 10-12"
Lateral Supports Height Adjustment: 2"
Minimum User Weight: 30 lbs.
Maximum User Weight: 108 lbs.
Minimum User Height: 37"
Maximum User Height: 60"
Recommended User Age: 3-15

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