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Scalamobil S35

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•Masters steps effortlessly and tackles narrow and spiral staircases.
•Four automatic brakes for maximum safety.
• Climbs up to 300 steps with a single battery charge.
• Supports loads up to 120 kg; 264.6 lbs.
• It can easily be loaded and transported by car, so steps and stairways
encountered on your journey are no longer an obstacle.
•Can be fitted to most manual wheelchairs.
•To climb stairs, the rear wheels are simply removed. The advantage is
that the wheelchair occupant need not change seats.

Battery pack 2 x 12 V; 3, 4 Ah
Battery charger (input) 90 - 240 V;AC
Battery charger (output) 24 V; DC
Operating voltage 24 V
Climbing speed 6 - 16 steps/min.
Motor rating 176 W
Max. weight of occupant 120 kg; 264.6 lbs
Capacity per battery charge 300 steps (approx)
Drive unit (without battery) 16.6 kg; 36.6 lbs
Battery 2.7 kg; 5.9 lbs
Handle 5.2 kg; 11.5 lbs
Total weight 24.5 kg; 54.0 lbs
Width (with mounted handle) 48 cm; 18.9


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