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Pivot Dual Lever Drive

Pivot Dual Lever Drive

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Our lever drive replaces your wheelchair wheels to give you more power and speed. Go fast on the flats or climb hills with ease. Adjust for your strength and stamina. Compare to the Wijit and NuDrive. No need to grip the push rim, keep your hands clean! No repeated grasping also reduces carpal tunnel symptoms. Power on push and pull stroke for more range and balanced muscle development. Wijit and NuDrive offer push stroke only. The Pivot is available in pediatric size. Both models are adjustable to the wheelchair and user.

The Pivot™ is a revolutionary dual lever drive that replaces the quick-release rear wheels of any manual wheelchair. Go forward with both the push and pull stroke of the lever. The brakes operate by moving your arms toward each other with minimal hand dextery required. Integrated parking brake engages and releases with the push of a button. Forward with both the push and pull stroke of the lever. Shift between forward, neutral and reverse seamlessly - maintain the maneuverability of your push rims while keeping your knuckles safe from doorways, entrances or walls.

The gear shifter lets you select your effort level - downshift to go up hills. Simply push in the black lever and slide up or down! The anti-rollback hill holder means you can safely stop without rolling downhill. The Pivot™ is simple to attach and remove to your wheelchair using your wheelchair's existing quick-release axle sleeves. A small universal clamp is the only item you need to attach it to any manual wheelchair.

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