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Power Assist Handcycle eDragonfly

Power Assist Handcycle eDragonfly

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The eDragonfly is our power assist attachable handcycle that has an electric assist motor to give you that extra power. When you’ve had a long day and need a little help. With the extra power you can make it up that hill you couldn't do before. With the eDragonfly and you working together your range can be up to 35 miles (55 km).

The power assist system added to the Dragonfly consists of the battery, controller, and electric motor. It can easily be detatched and stored in any trunk. The brushless electric motor and belt drive gives smooth and quiet power. The Shimano internal gearbox with coaster brake will give years of quiet, reliable, and maintenance free operation. The secondary disc brake means braking with confidence.

The torque sensor is mounted on the crank senses pedaling force and gives additional power when you pedal harder. Your speed and distance are displayed, and the there are five power assist levels to choose from on the fly. The lightweight lithium battery is easily removeable. It has much longer life than lead-acid batteries.

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