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Dragonfly Attachable handcycle

Dragonfly Attachable handcycle

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The Dragonfly handcycle/handbike is an arm-powered bicycle that attaches to your wheelchair. It is fully adjustable from tall adults down to young children. It's easy to steer on sloping sidewalks and hills. 90 degree steering allows you to turn in place for excellent manuverability.

The large wheel goes over obstacles that would stop your caster wheels cold. You are no longer limited where you can go, so enjoy the scenery. 

  - The Dragonfly™ snaps on to your wheelchair. It can easily be disconnected and transported in any trunk.

 - Built-in coaster brake lets you control your speed without removing your hands from the handle - just pedal backwards to brake!

 - Our shifter with ergonomic handle lets you change gears with minimal dexterity required. Parking brake is also shown.

 - Top sprocket chain guard and dual teflon chain guards for safety and cleanliness.

  - Totally adjustable for all wheelchairs and wheelchair users.

  - The patented attachment design allows easy snap on and off of the Dragonfly.

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