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Ultra-light folding wheelchair Helio A6

Ultra-light folding wheelchair Helio A6

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The most efficient chair for mobility at the most affordable price!
In terms of lightweight performance, Motion Composites is second to none. For the new A6 model, our engineers have combined the advanced design with our classic symmetrical crosspiece to create a wheelchair that outperforms its competitors. Fully adjustable and with a transport weight of 13.1 lbs (6 kg), the A6 model is the first in its class.

Durable and adjustable armrests.
Durably designed, our single rod armrests allow you to adjust their height without the clutter of conventional single rod arms. The height adjustment is precise and the integrated armrest receptacle eliminates noise and rotation that could occur over time.

Simple. Lightweight. Robust: It is the efficiency and simplicity that characterize the design of the A6 model. Innovative design and lightweight accessories have allowed us to create a fully adjustable wheelchair that will not weigh you down. Vertical wheel supports offer multiple centres of gravity and maximize lateral stability, while one-piece side frames increase strength and improve handling.

Lowest floor seat height: The innovative design of the Helio A6 wheelchair frame, and the 4" wheels on standard frame, allow you to reach the very low floor seat height of in. (34.3 cm), perfect for efficient foot propulsion.

Top quality accessories: Ask for more from the Helio A6 wheelchair. Durable, high-quality accessories include height-adjustable T-armrests, integrated push handles and Newton One spoke wheels. Together, they make the Helio A6 the smartest wheelchair choice.

Rigid one-piece frame - A one-piece frame is stronger and requires less maintenance than a standard two-piece frame, while being lighter and maximizing propulsion efficiency.

Hydroformed 3D symmetrical crosspiece - The fully symmetrical aluminium crosspiece reduces torsion and distributes energy better throughout the frame.

Ultra-stiff bending system - Ensures high-precision tolerances and oversized pivot pins that provide the best propulsion efficiency in its class.

Anti-beat system - It reduces the wheel beat by a simple turn of the screw.

Newton Accessories - Newton parts and accessories are lightweight and feature superior functionality and style.

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