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Motion Composites Helio Kids Folding Wheelchair for Kids

Motion Composites Helio Kids Folding Wheelchair for Kids

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Take a look at our brand new Motion Composites Helio Kids Ultralight Folding Wheelchair for Children.

We know what life with kids is like, and we can help. The Helio Kids Wheelchair is the lightest folding manual chair available. So not only will kids get the most mileage out of their energy, but that last lift out of the car trunk will be that much easier on you.

We use the same high quality carbon fiber that goes into Formula 1 racing cars to build our ultra lightweight wheelchairs. T700 high-modulus carbon fiber is unrivaled when it comes to strength and rigidity. So our frame is not only ultra-light, but incredibly strong too. Kids can be tough on their wheelchairs. But the Helio Kids can take the punishment!

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