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Electric Wheelchair Quantum Kozmo

Electric Wheelchair Quantum Kozmo

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The all new electric wheelchair Kozmo™ is engineered to meet the needs of even the most active child. The Kozmo’s highly compact size provides easy access to kid-sized spaces, while kid-friendly color choices add a fun, personal touch. Whether on the playground or in the home, your child will have a blast with the Quantum® Kozmo.

Choice of 6 colors
200 lbs. weight capacity
Maximum speed up to 3.6 mph
18 amp batteries
Compact turning radius of 25.45”
Pediatric, height-adjustable footplate
38” lap belt

Model Kozmo
Drive Wheels :9" solid
Caster Wheels Front: 6" solid
Anti-Tip Wheels 3" solid
Maximum Speed: Up to 3.6 mph
Ground Clearance 1.6" at anti-tip bracket;
1.9" at motor
Turning Radius: 25.45" with foot platform
Overall Length 33.09" with front rigging
Base Width 22.6"
Seat Type Kozmo pediatric, foldable, static seat
Seat Weight 48.5 lbs.
Seat-to-Floor Heights: 16.517"
Battery Size6 (2) 18A, 12 V, deep cycle
Battery Weight: 31 lbs. (battery pack)
Available Electronics: 40A, PG GC3 (non-programmable)
Battery Charger Off-board, 3.5A
Weight Capacity: 200 lbs.
Base Weight 67 lbs.


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