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Fauteuil roulant Smart drive

Electric wheelchair Smart drive

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The SmartDrive is a revolutionary new power asisst device that will change your life. It can power you up steep hills, through carpet and over grass. It is intuitive to use, just push to go and brake to stop, its that simple. It will go for days on a single charge. Plug in and get out there!

• Power up the steepest slopes

• Lightweight, drive is 11 lbs.

• Push to go, brake to stop

• Wheelies and curbs are no problem

• Easy to put on and take off 

The SmartDrive is amazingly powerful. It will push you up the steepest hills, through the thickest carpets, and over the most plush grass. You will go further, do more, and live more freely than you ever imagined! 

Unbelievably light. You won't even know is there. The battery weighs 8 lbs and the drive unit weighs 11 lbs. Compare that to power assist wheels that weigh over 20 lbs each! 

The SmartDrive can be easily installed and removed from your wheelchair. Use it when you want it, leave it in the car when you don't. The battery slips under the seat and the drive unit drops onto the axle hitch. Almost too easy.

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