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Stabilisateur de genou Genu Direxa 8356 8353

Genu Direxa 8356-8353

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At a glance:
- Sensomotoric performance improvements through controlled compression
- Pain relief and enhancement of knee joint function
- Innovative material that is breathable and simultaneously provides compression
- Polycentric joints with maximum extension and flexion limitation
- Two flexible, circular straps
- Concealed joint bars (suitable for contact sports) 

The Genu Direxa comes in two versions, making it easy to select the easiest donning method for your patient, either a slip-on (8356N) or a wraparound (8353N) model. Whichever you chose, the Genu Direxa is ideal for patients with low to moderate ligament laxity due to osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, patello-femoral pain, or post-traumatic or post-operative instability. 

The simple design fits right or left sides to reduce inventory and provides pain relief and functional improvement of the knee joint through compression. 

The Genu Direxa is available in an open and a closed version. 

With the hook-and-loop closure, the open version makes it easy to put the orthosis on and take it off comfortably - especially for patients with reduced gripping strength. Active persons often prefer the closed version, which is equipped with pocket grips for easier positioning of the orthosis.

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