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Immedia TwinSheet4Glide

Immedia TwinSheet4Glide

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The in-bed solution for incontinent users The TwinSheet4Glide is suitable for turning and positioning incontinent users with severely reduced mobility. Also suitable for users with dementia, or for those who feel unsafe, have brain damage, pain, pressure ulcers or are heavy. The TwinSheet4Glide consists of two main parts, a nylon sheet and an absorbent slide pad. NylonSheet Immedia 4WayGlide NylonSheet is fitted directly to the bed mattress. The nylon sheet has a low friction sliding area allowing the glide pad to slide easily on top. Absorbing glide pad On top of the nylon sheet the glide pad is added, to assist in moving in all directions. The glide pad has handles on the underside facilitating a good grip for repositioning. TwinSheet4Glide comes in two versions - full length and two parted. Disconnecting the lower part in this position provides better access for the care of pressure ulcers, hygiene, dressing and even changing the bedding. Can be used in combination with a hoist. Immedia TwinSheet4Glide is suitable for: Turning and positioning Provide support for users in the side position Personal hygiene, ulcer care and dressing Moving higher up in bed Horizontal transfer

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