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Immedia 4WayGlide LPL

Immedia 4WayGlide LPL

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The standard 4WayGlide Mattress with handles for improved grip and a NylonSheet with lock-on-sheet function. The standard 4WayGlide Mattress has a cotton/polyester or polyurethane on top. Handles on the inside improve grip and allow attachment to a hoist. The polyurethane surface is wipe-clean. The NylonSheet comes in different variants – with and without Lock-on-sheet and Non-Slip material along the bedside. This NylonSheet features Lock-On functionality and comes with 1,2 or 3 locks. Non-slip material along the bedside is removed to allow transfer from the bed to another supine surface. 4WayGlide Mattress must always be used in combination with a 4WayGlide NylonSheet.

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