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EMS Evacuation HoverJack

EMS Evacuation HoverJack

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For evacuation of patients in the most challenging environments Promotes EMS safety to avoid injury The EMS Evacuation HoverJack device allows EMS staff to lift and evacuate patients in the most challenging environments. Four air chambers are inflated to lift the patient from the floor in a supine position, maintaining patient dignity and minimizing the risk of injury to the crew by creating a no-lift environment. The tapered head-end improves manoeuvrability around corners and down stairwells and the fastening belts and foot pouch secure the patient during evacuation. Seamless solution When used in conjunction with the HoverMatt, a seamless solution is presented for lateral transfer from bed or floor to the EMS Evacuation HoverJack, and on to the ambulance stretcher in preparation for transport. When inflated, a cushion of air beneath the HoverMatt reduces the force needed to move the patient by 80-90%, while also reducing patient skin shear and bruising.

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