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S12 Vita S 4-wheel mobility scooter

S12 Vita S 4-wheel mobility scooter

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This brand new 18.5 km/h Heartway scooter features a fully informative liquid crystal display that keeps the user informed of the time, the temperature, the speed, the trip distance and the ODO. Its LED-only lighting package not only provides the full brightness but also is less power-consuming if compared with the traditional lights. Engineering-wise, S12 is one of the very few scooters on the market that is equipped with Double-A arms suspensions in the front and a single post shock absorber at the rear. It is also noticeable that S12 is installed with a four-pole 700W motor which provides sufficient torque while driven in most demanding places.

Available colors:

Bronze, Burgundy

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Width 27"
Depth 47"
Driving Range 40 km (25 miles)
Engine 4-Pole 700W
Max. Capacity 160 kgs (350 lbs)
Max. Speed 11.3MPH (18KP/H)

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