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Electric bed

Another awakening where you have the impression that you did not sleep? Aching and sore joints make you suffer and your sleep is affected? An electric bed is the best solution for you.

La Maison André Viger is proud to offer you a remarkable selection of electric beds that will allow you to rest comfortably and without pain. Whether you are on recovery or that you simply need a bed that provides you with more options, the electric bed has become a must due to its mobility. It is possible to change your sleep position by eliminating those that are uncomfortable for you. You will immediately see many advantages to get an electric day, that will give a better sleep and be more in shape during the say.

Also, in case of breaking or imperfection, you can call upon our repair and parts service, available at all times, in store or on the road.

If you wish to learn more about our electric bed, do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone or come meet our team in one of our two stores in Montreal and Montreal’s South Shore.

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